Friday, August 15, 2014

10 Easy Steps to Make a Documentary Film

Learn how to make a documentary can be fun and does not require a rating of cinema. You have a burning desire to tell their story and the will to understand each step of the process.

Here are 10 easy steps to make a documentary

Identify an idea of ​​documentary - The key to choosing a subject that is truly passionate about.
Outline - A map of the basic structure and the topics you want to include in your documentary. You also want to think about the style of narration - style like New Frontline / PBS? Demi documentaries / movies with low performances? Talking heads? Personal point of view? Observation?

Bring your audio-visual - Start gathering the existing footage and other visual elements of the theme audio - this is perhaps old home movies, photos, audio, national archives, music, etc.
Then decide what new material need to tell your story and start shooting. This can be expert interviews, capturing an event such as a show horse or a football match, shooting photos of one of his characters - for example, if you focus on a famous artist in your community you want to get pictures of the painting of the artist.

Produce / Change Trailer - Once you've collected 3-5 hours of "rushes", start putting together a mini-version of his documentary, also called "trailer". A trailer is generally 3-8 minutes captures the essence of his documentary. This is a great tool to create buzz and raise money for his documentary.

Pull remaining pictures - Continue collection of interviews and other materials to cover all the areas you listed in the scheme of the room.

Catalog and - If you are a one-hour documentaries , you might have dozens or even hundreds of hours of material that will draw in the editing process. Make sure that all interviews were transcribed and knows exactly where all images. There is nothing worse than being "in the groove" edition and having to stop and look through all the sequences to find a specific occasion.

Writing a script - even if you do not plan to have a narrator, you need a script to design the basic order of their sequence, how it will begin and end the film, in addition to any appointment of interview.

Edit your document - If you've never edited video before, you may want to start with a simple software free video editing as Apple "iMovie" but something a little more sophisticated, such as Final Cut Express will give you more flexibility. Start your documentary with something interesting, unusual or controversial to capture the attention of the audience. And I know how the movie will end help determine your editing options that led to the conclusion.

Get on the Internet or burn them to a DVD - Make sure that you own the copyright while in his documentary before publishing on the web or make copies. This applies to music (including background music in the background), archive footage and photos.

Promotion, distribution and display - This is the last step in the process which could present his documentary film festivals, hobby PBS and other television networks, upload to Amazon Unbox to sell copies of his documentary, a first , create a public relations campaign around the release of his documentary and of course DVD and send free thanks to all those who helped you :)