Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Documentary Style Wedding Video

Having a wedding video is a necessity because as individuals who are about to face the altar to vow their everlasting love and devotion to each other, both of you will not have a chance to see what the wedding documentaries looked like. This is understandable though, because since you are the highlight of the event, you will not have the chance to look around to see how everything goes but your wedding video will capture just that!

During the ceremony the couples are very busy with themselves that all they see is everything about the attire, make up and accessories. They will not exactly know who's sitting in the church benches or who the people who are supervising the decorations are and how they did it. A wedding day is a very busy day for the couple, so in order for both of you to savor the moment of your magnificent wedding day, make sure that you have a video of your event.

As much as possible, ask your wedding videographer to make a documentary type of your wedding. Though it may be a bit more costly than having your wedding filmed for the entire wedding ceremony alone, it is always worth it to have everything and everyone in video.

The documentaries style of video would start on the morning of the day of the wedding. The videographer will take videos of the preparations of the couple's attire, to walking down the aisle up to the actual wedding ceremony itself. After the matrimonial ceremony, the videographers will continue filming until the reception. The videographers will also ask your guests about their wishes for you and these thoughts will be forever preserved on film.

By having a documentary style of your wedding video you will have the chance to see how the wedding really looked. You can also see the people who arrived to share your moment with you. It will show you the real laughter and bliss of your guests, the tears of your parents perhaps, and the people who attended only in the reception; these are the moments that you will fail to see while you are busy exchanging your vows, but special moments to cherish and laugh about as well!

The difference of having your wedding documented and not is great. Having your wedding entirely shot on the actual ceremony alone will not let you experience the entire wedding event; it will not be also greatly appreciated by your guests, if you will send them a copy, because they already saw how the ceremony went. They will be curious about the preparation, how your decorators did it, who worked out the catering and how they were eating at the reception; they will also be looking for themselves in the video you know, because they were there too!