Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Future of Food Documentary - Genetically Modified Food

What Is Genetically Modified Food?

For anyone who has ever wondered about GMO food and what exactly Genetically Modified Food is, there is a fantastic documentaries on the subject. It details the growing controversy surround this science and the political ramifications.

Things such as gene splicing and the use of virus and bacterium to invade cells is something that many people are not aware of. How this all relates to your health is a great concern. Consider that the corn and tomatoes on the market in your local store may be genetically altered with viruses and other not to desirable materials.

There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding some of the political elements. This documentary covers the issue of pesticide and eminent domain. There are interviews with scientists, political pundits as well as the farmers who have been subjected to increasing pressure.

Some of the issues of concern are the decreasing abundance of crops and how this can lead to a devastating epidemic should anything go wrong in a particular strain of crop. Many of those interviewed about GMO food find this one of the most troubling aspects of the entire scene.

The documentary also contains a great deal of information about what is being done currently to combat the effects of this procedure. While there are many who claim that genetically modified foods will both end world hunger and poverty, the facts provided in this documentary show otherwise. In fact, the reverse seems to be the case.

Most of the impoverish nations of the world seem to have done far worse with the new crop of GMO foods. These type of food products are also becoming very harmful for first world nations and many people are starting to become aware and resist them.