Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Get The Attorneys' Edge With a Settlement Documentary

The video settlement documentary can be a powerful tool in getting maximum compensation for your clients at mediation.

This long form documentary typically runs between 20 and 40 minutes. It can include either damages or liability or both. TV News veterans are your best choice for this documentary production. If you choose the right team they will be expert storytellers who will automatically know how to present your case in a clear, concise and compelling format.

Your wild documentary should include in depth interviews with your client and all of those victimized by the defendant's negligence whether it be personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, toxic tort or other injustices. These delicate interviews are best done by TV veterans with the skill to elicit emotion without causing more harm. You may also want to include expert interviews. These may be done by either your documentary producer or an attorney. But keep in mind, in a documentary, you do not want to elicit "yes" and "no" answers. Ask questions in way that will encourage the interviewee to add details.

The good legal documentaries will also include home videos, photos, police and coroner reports and possibly animation and news reports as well as video of what your client's life is like today.

The documentary may be done with narration or in the victims' own words. The narration should be done by a professional broadcaster with the ability to tell a compelling narrative. The documentary will show what your victim's life was like, recount the tragic incident and give your viewers (in this case, the defense) an unassailable view of your victim's suffering today.

The successful settlement documentary will bring your case to life and show the strength of that case in a way that the written word can never do. It will truly give you the attorneys' edge.