Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Some Clarification On The Secret Law Of Attraction From The Documentary The Secret

In recent times we've all been exposed to this new age thinking phenomenon called the law of attraction, and at some level we've all been touched by it, especially at a spiritual and mental level, believing that with our minds and some positive thinking we can have a better life at all levels, be it financial, spiritual or physical.

As explained in the law of attraction documentaries , you can change your life by altering your way of thinking, and be a better person by the use of positive thinking and visualization techniques, so in essence by using your imagination, and by visualizing a big house, an expensive car, and a bank account with 9 zero's, you will suddenly attract it to you like magic.

In the documentary they also explained another important factor, which is the energy and frequency at which you vibrate, and how this relates to the environment in which you live, and the effect this has towards your desired outcomes. As explained in the documentary you should match your frequency of vibration to the frequency at which the person you wish to become vibrates. To match the frequencies you use the visualization technique, so by visualizing yourself as already having the things you want to have you start to vibrate at that frequency, synchronizing yourself with the life you want to have and making it possible to attract it to you, and by doing so you activate the law of attraction.

In theory it sounds pretty easy, but unfortunately many are not getting the results they want with this technique, and the manifestation process is not really working for everyone. Something is missing, that something that can help you and many others make that quantum jump from where you are to where you want to be, and unfortunately in the law of attraction documentary they didn't explain what the missing elements are.

In reality there is more than one missing element to activate the infinite power of the secret law of attraction, in fact the universe is not governed by just one law, but there are eleven laws that govern the universe, and you need to study and understand all of them in order to be able to attract all the things you want in life.